1. Great Way to help kids organize their math. Thank you!

    I’ll get the 3 digit. The math books are truly genius. Strong paper that is organized and has excellent spacing fine for the child. My special needs kids don’t have the executive functioning skills necessary to organize the 3 digit math problems on their own. Plus they still learning those facts too.
    It’s a tough n fast paced curriculum in 2nd grade! My daughters writing for her she’s not as reluctant to use the book n do —2 prob only!
    I love the organization The kids can focus on ones first. Then you’ve organized perfectly their tens place and most kids handwriting has improved using the math books A few of the special needs kids still cannot use the actual handwriting workbooks yet.
    Great job organizing this math into a grid. This is so helpful!!!! AMAZING math books!! books help the kids see an organized three digit l

    Feb 1st 2018


  2. First day and he’s already improved using this board!

    I bought your magnetic visual dry erase boards for letters and numbers and wondered if you have them for cursive writing also. Thank you! First day and he’s already improved using this board!

    Purchased Channie’s Dry erase and Magnetic board.

    Jan 16 2018


    Shannon R
  3. Five Stars!

    Dora Barnes
  4. We have had fun using it for his homework to help with him

    This has been so helpful for my son w/ dyslexia. We have had fun using it for his homework to help with him seeing the spacing of the letters better and working on handwriting. Recommend!
    November 29, 2017
  5. Five Stars

    Smita Jaisalmeria
  6. It is a great product I highly recommended

  7. Great paper for any child struggling with handwriting.

    Great paper for any child struggling with handwriting!

    Nov 24th 2017  from Amazon

    Emily Radford
  8. Worth it!

    High quality paper printed well. My children that needed some handwriting assistance appreciated the layout and transitioned to proper proportioned shapes quickly!

    Purchased Channie’s Quick & Neat Alphabet Pad for PreK-1st Grade


    Sept 2nd 2017
    Jaimee M
  9. Instant improvement!

    I saw immediate improvement in both my 4 and 6 year old children’s handwriting. The box method for each letter really helps them with visualization and neatness, and it is helping my older one remember to leave space between his words, which was a real struggle for us before. Great product!

    Aug 25, 2017

    Jennifer S
  10. A wonderful daily practice

    This has made a great addition to our daily math practice. My daughter and son both enjoy doing these.

    Purchased “Channie’s One Page A Day Single Digit (Beginner) Multiplication Workbook

    Aug 15th 2017

    Noelette S