Give your child lifelong handwriting skills through Channie’s patent-pending visual handwriting workbooks and provide them with the confidence they penmanship workbookneed in their penmanship. Unlike many traditional writing sheets, Channie’s is the only workbook that incorporates colored blocks and vertical divider lines to regulate proper letter placement. Its brightly colored design creates an easy and fun experience instead of something they dread.

Capitals, lower cases, punctuation, and proper spacing etc; your youngsters have a lot to learn and it can be very overwhelming and confusing for such young age. Try Channie’s Visual Handwriting Workbook, our innovated design takes the thinking out of writing.  Channie’s makes writing like a piece of cupcake!

We offer two types of Visual Handwriting Workbooks with different block sizes for PreK-1st and 1st-3rd grades based on age appropriate fine motor skill capability. Each notepad features 25 strong sheets that can be torn out and used anywhere. Learning has never been as simple as it is now. Shop our store today!

To effectively begin your child’s handwriting journey, purchase one of our workbooks and get your child started on their ABC’s. Once they have mastered all the letters of the alphabet, have them move on to writing sentences.