Channie’s is made up of wonderful, hardworking, and dedicated individuals. Here are a few of the people that make Channie’s so successful within the handwriting workbook world.

Walter Printing Company

Channies is beyond proud to partner with Walter Printing Company out of Albemarle, North Carolina. These amazing men & women make it possible for us to keep up with the demand for Channie’s products. We are also proud that our products can be produced within the USA to be easily distributed to our happy customers all over the United States.

Meet Channie’s Internal Team

Nancy Liu
Global Supply Chain Manager

7 years of global supply chain experience cross import/export, logistic, distribution and purchasing. Proud mom of a 9 year old boy ChenChen, who has won a state champion title for Ping Pong at China Shandong providence.

Christopher Julian

20 years in Bank of America with extensive knowledge of accounting, finance & technology integration to drive efficient business insight, financial reporting and data accuracy.

Jill Smith
Operation Manager

4 years of entrepreneur experience with 3 lovely young children.

” At Channie’s, we value three simple operation principle: high quality products, ship¬†within 24 hours, and mostly, listen to our customer feedbacks and act quickly. ”

Christine Ayers
Regional Sales Rep

12 years Pharmaceutical Sales& 6 years in Pre-k education. Proud mom of 3.