Channie and her son, Alex (Age 8)

My son, Alex, struggled with his handwriting for years and I was at a loss of how I could help or what I could do. It was really taking a toll on his self-confidence and delayed his learning abilities and I too felt frustrated not knowing how to help. I searched for something different but they were all the similar writing sheet product that did not help my son. He needed a visual guide. So, I created something to help him myself…Channie’s was born!

I saw changes in him within just a few short months. Not only did his handwriting dramatically change, his attitude toward writing changed significantly. Now he is proud of his neat handwriting!

Alex’s teacher asked me how he was changing so quickly and told me that a lot of young kids could benefit from the sheets I was creating for Alex. It is my goal to provide others with the same success and tools that I provided for him.

Established on Oct 2015, CHANNIE’S is becoming an educational brand that has quickly expanded to retail, home-schools and various educational segments. Over 15 new products are developed and pushed through market in short a year period; many of leading retails are now carrying Channie’s Visual Handwriting & Math workbooks such as Walmart, Hobby Lobby and retail stores cross over 25 states!

Channie’s LLC is led by Chan Bohacheff, an operation veteran with 18 years of global supply chain professional who values customer care, quality, innovation & technology in the highest level. With top standard of operation and service excellence, Channie’s LLC is experiencing 16% revenue growth from month over month in 2017.

Patent pending products that designed by Chan have the most of attention to detail. Our visual handwriting workbooks have already been voted as 10th place of the most fabulous retail products by Education Dealer Magazine. 

Although Chan has years of global supply chain with extended import knowledge, at Channie’s, we are prompting “MADE IN AMERICA”.  Channie’s products are made in North Carolina. The benefits of short lead time, high quality of product, vendor managed inventory and pick & pack capabilities have enabled us focus on new product development and market expansion while running an extreme efficient supply chain with very little inventory. 

At Channie’s, we are devoted to building Channie’s brand as one of most popular household name in Early Education field!